Our Puzzles


Geared towards children aged one to two years these simple knob puzzles are a great way to introduce your children to shape and colour sorting.

With easy to hold pieces children can manipulate the various shapes and place them in the appropriate space, developing very basic problem solving skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

With many of these puzzles for younger children, the pieces are decorated so that when placed together correctly they form an entire picture.

Completing these simple puzzles not only aids hand-eye coordination but also helps develop a child’s memory and boosts confidence when the picture is completed.


Our intermediate puzzles are popular among children aged two to four. Jigsaws with increasing levels of difficulty are available across each age and developmental stage.

These puzzles utilise a handful of specifically shaped pieces that fit into corresponding holes in a board. The number of pieces can range from as few as 8 and up to 28.

Other puzzles designed for children rely on the matching of shapes and colours. Not only will these puzzles aid in hand-eye coordination skills.

They will also encourage your child to distinguish between different shapes and colours, these basic problem solving skills are essential for a child to develop and ready themselves for bigger challenges!


These jigsaw puzzles are designed for older children (ages three to seven) and often include letters and numbers to help familiarise them with the alphabet and learn basic numeric skills.

These include our extensive range in different languages.